Jermaine Nelson
Head of Security
Jermaine serves as Head of Security for Carroll Organization. In this role, Jermaine oversees and provides direction for all security related projects and physical security technologies for Carroll Organization and its properties. He interprets security regulations and contract requirements amongst subcontractors working alongside of Carroll Organization, directs subordinates in enforcing security compliance, and maintains relationships with law enforcement and governing agencies and other issuers of security requirements.
Jermaine previously worked as a Team Leader at Cohort International where he served as Personal Security Detachment deployed by Private Government Security Companies that escorted and provided protection for fortune 500 companies executive officers and government commanding officers in very high threat environments located around the world.
Jermaine served in the United States Marine Corps under its infantry division for over 10 years. During his tenure with the Marines, he trained Iraqi Special Forces Soldiers, performed on-site training sessions for allied nations, and produced custom solution manuals for NATO force. He also is a member of Wounded Warrior Project, Contract Security Services Professionals, and Professional Overseas Contractors.